1_2Julianne is an entirely self taught Mixed Media Artist embracing what she loves most: creating in multiple mediums. Her inspiration comes from several sources including nature, street art, indigenous wisdom, and anything in between. With a varied interest in art, the one thing that holds them together is her love of colour.

A few years ago she began researching traditional symbolism. The outcome of this new direction is a continually-evolving style that integrates elements of contemporary street art, sacred geometry and organic forms. This style allows her to create completely original artwork. Quality materials, meticulous workmanship, and attention to detail are all traits that customers can appreciate from her work.
“Artistically, sticking to one style isn’t something I aspire to, despite the majority of the art world doing it. For me, this strips you of everything about being human. It’s incredibly rare that someone will be so one dimensional as to only walk and feel one way in life. I enjoy the traditional and therapeutic craft of bookbinding; the feel of pencil and ink moving across a page; the meditative process of a new painting; the way a carved wooden block prints on to high quality paper; and the satisfaction of crafting something with my own two hands.”
All artworks are the copyright © property of Julianne Davidson. All rights reserved,  and may not be copied or reproduced without specific permission.